Fight the good fight for God

Have you ever wanted to give up the fight and not want to spend time with God and your religion? I am here to tell if you don’t give up. Keep up the fight. Don’t give up keep trying and God will slowly start to reveal what he has in store for you. It’s not easy to maintain a positive encouraging attitude with God especially at first. But hang in there and he will start to slowly revel himself in amazing ways. Soon your life will have order. Soon your life will have a lifting like you never thought.

Our God doesn’t want us to poison ourselves with things that are harmful to our minds and bodies but he does want us to stay on course for him. He is the one constant we can always depend on to be there in our lives as others will come and go and disappoint. Our God the most high will stay strong for us. I know one time after a job loss I was very discouraged but I put it in God’s hands and he came thru in amazing ways.

Have a great and Blessed Fourth of July and know if he God is for you then who can be against you?

God Bless.

Bradley Paul

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