Don’t Look Back Look Forward

Philippians 3:13

Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before

Don’t Look Back Look Forward:

As we go through life all have a tendency to feel dragged down and attacked especially when tired. Maybe we just started something new or moved or maybe not everything is going your way. That’s when it’s time to step up to God and ask him to flood into your future as it says in the scripture above.

Look forward not back and know that when you stay positive and don’t let the enemy face you towards your past, you will start to see hope and happiness like never before.

There have been times in my life before I would start my day in prayer or had good prayer warriors around me where I would start looking at my past and not the future. I would remember all the days that I felt like such a loser and that my life was going nowhere fast. This would replay itself over and over like a bad movie.

This was clearly from the devil all though I didn’t know at the time. I would hear remember the time your parents got mad you or the time your car was towed or remember the time you got having a party at home when you supposed to be at school?

All these things combined and more would come back in my memory before I ever got started at something new (and still do occasionally) but I now have weapons to fire at them and God arms us all with them to fire at the devil and crush him out of your mind.

So start your day in prayer and push through the times when those negative thoughts come from your past and focus on your future and how beautiful and brilliant you are as God has made everyone of us for greatness and uniqueness and for a great future!

Have a Blessed Day,
Bradley Paul


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