Don’t Give In To Sin

Courage to say no to sin

But Joseph refused. “Look,” he told her, “my master trusts me with everything in his entire household.
Genesis 39:8 NLT
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Many times in life we can definitely have temptations like Joseph experienced. One thing that happens to me is the temptation to overeat. Of course I work on not overeating but it still happens on a fairly regular basis like it does to many I am sure. Call it Gluttony or whatever fits. But when we pray about it and work on it similar to the passage above, Joseph was strong enough to resist the temptation. The message today is when we stay the course and put God first in our live we start to the see the sin and temptation reduce in our lives as the attacks come we grow stronger in the lord.
The flesh and the enemy will try and throw the obstacles in out paths but when we stay strong in the word and focus on it and draw closer to God our lives start to open up to whole new avenues of greatness.
Don’t fall into temptation as it can comes in many forms.
How many times as we go through life and sin can present itself in many shapes and forms you know, for example the overeating temptation, our other temptations from wherever it may be, Ican come and attack us through the flesh and from the enemy.
It’s very important to stay the course and pray and get with God on a daily basis. when we really learn to become Gods best friend every morning, and get prayed up and stay course and know that he is with you, he will carry you through regardless.
So just know as the enemy attacks, God is there helping us every step of the way. Just know these temptations of sin could happen almost anywhere or anytime, you could be in a workplace, you can be at school, I mean you could be at home watching TV there so many different types of temptation and sin that can possibly enter our lives. If we’re aware of it and know that sin can creep in, it’s a far better way to go, it’s a far better way to live your life, with God and not going the route of emptier and loneliness and brokenness caused by sin.
Again sin and temptation can come in many forms and you know it could come in the form of a addiction too many different things, that something that happens and you can go on a route that leads you down a completely empty path in an isolated desolate lonely area of life that you really don’t want to go. When we learn to stay positive each day stay focused on God and often pray throughout the day its a great defense against the enemy as the many temptations of sin come our way.
Have a Blessed Day,
Bradley Paul
't Give In To Sin
‘t Give In To Sin
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