Don’t be confused by Gods ways

Don’t be confused by Gods ways. 

Many times we don’t understand Gods ways as he lines things up in our lives. We have a Loving God who is working to fix our lives and is always there for us. When we stay faithful and stay on course he lines up the right people at the right time to make things work.

Don’t be confused by Gods ways
Don’t be confused by Gods ways

Have you ever felt like you just were running around in circles maybe at your job or with your family as you waited for a break through in a certain area? I know this happened to me recently as we waited to hear about a Job that I had applied for. It had been several weeks after I interviewed and we hadn’t heard anything. What was this? It was God lining things up in our lives with his perfect timing. He did come through and blessed us with this new Job and we are so very grateful. But did we wonder what was going on during the process? Yes! But as it says in the Bible is we have just one grain of faith he will come through. Mathew 17:20 So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief;for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.

I have had friends this has happened to as well and we all have a tendency to wonder and question God, and times actually be confused by what he is doing. Remember he sees the big picture and has the master plan.

So give Lord praise and stay on course and we will start to move and you will see great things start to happen. When we stay the course and try not to read into much what he lining up and pray and ask God to help us in all areas of our lives and others, he will start to reveal to us parts of his plan.

There are times that he cant bless you at a certain time, as you may not be ready to go to the next level and we should not be confused by this. We are all a work in progress and have to remember to learn as and mature as much as we can everyday to honor him and he will promote you to the next level.

It’s the little things that encourage us, even in writing this Blog, there may be a day where I ask God. What is you plan or what direction are you taking this ministry? When I get one word from God or encouragement from what I call my solid brothers or sisters in Christ it makes my day as I know its from God and it gives me a boost to go on.

So stay the course don’t give up and learn as we are waiting to not be confused, but to reach our and help others. We will see God open new doors to an amazing future.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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One thought on “Don’t be confused by Gods ways”

  1. Bradley, That is some great advice, to stay the course in the middle of what we don’t understand. As we as believers in Jesus Christ go through tough times, we need to use these periods to establish our faith. Brad as you said “God is at work” and that is where our faith building comes in and is elevated to the next level. As one blogger put it ” Faith is a noun not a verb”

    Just as we have the faith that the chair we are going to sit on in our living room will not collapse we need to have that same foundation of faith in God, that He is at work and has our best interest in mind. Our faith in that chair does not increase every time we sit on it, in fact we have such a solid foundation of faith in that chair not collapsing, we probably don’t even give the chair’s stability a second though as we sit and rest in it.

    Another blogger pointed out that our faith in God should give us rest, a complete confidence that God is in control of every believers situation. After praying, telling God our concerns, we should have a sense of peace and confidence that God has our most difficult situation handled with a perfect plan in place.

    Elevate your faith to the level of peace and confidence in our all mighty God.

    Thanks Bradley for the great post

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