Do You Flow For Man Or God?

Do You Flow For Man Or God?

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Have you ever been driving in traffic and you did the speed limit and other people wanted to pass you and push you? Isn’t that how it is when you follow God’s other people want to pass you and push you towards the ways of this world? But when you stay on course for God your life will be on the right course or in the right flow towards him!

Many times people will try and sway you off course in your walk with God. They may do it even unknowingly.

Mark 10:9
“Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Many times as we start off in the working world or school and especially if we don’t really know the world we can get pulled off course towards things that are far from God.

Similar in the analogy of driving down the road and being pushed by the cars to go faster when we are doing the speed limit. The pressure can be intense to follow man’s ways and not Gods.

Is not until we draw a line in the sand and say I Am for God and I Am letting everyone know it that! Its one thing to follow Christ which is great but the true pressure starts when we profess our Faith or like in our ware your cross of faith 40 day challenge.

When we shout to the world, I Love Jesus!! and follow God with all our hearts and pray big prayers to move our world and those around us in a massive way is when we start to see a massive flow towards God.

When we flow with God we may see others around us flow in a different way and that’s OK. You know that with the most high on our side we will be flowing in the right direction and ultimately a happier more consistent life where God is in control not man.

Do You Flow For Man Or God?

I know for myself for many years when growing up that God was not

Do You Flow For Man Or God?
Do You Flow For Man Or God?

where I was flowing but when I was asked to flow with God at nineteen it set the course for a massive change in my life, that I will never regret as I now flow for God more and more each day and never want to flow the other way again.

My word for you today is if you don’t know God and want to get in his flow today..Say this prayer:

“Lord Jesus come into my heart and forgive me of my sins and I ask for your forgiveness” If you said this prayer we believe you got born again, get in a good Bible based church in your local area and get connected.

Be ready for a massive change for the better in your life when you flow with God as he steps into your life in a positive way and allows us to live and Elevated life.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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