Do we insult God if we do not put our full trust in him?

Do we insult God if we do not put our full trust in him?


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That’s the question we ask our selves today at EYF and one must give this serious consideration if we are to truly walk in the ways of the Lord and listen to his direction.

Many times we have decisions to make that involve many factors not just the obvious ones of do we like something or not but many times these decisions effect lives in a much deeper way.

Acts 5:29
But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.

When making decisions that may effect your life and those around you its important to first and foremost pray about it and ask God if this is something that he thinks wants for your life.

Sometimes the answer may not come right away but when we start the dialog through prayer, I believe God will reveal his answer to you in time.

A friend of mine not to long ago was facing a major decision about changing jobs from one company to another and was struggling with that decision and when he came to God and asked for his guidance he had peace about it and was able to make a more clear decision and with the wisdom of God on his side things turned out for the better.

Do we insult God if we do not put our full trust in him?

I don’t think we can ever insult God or offend him as he always loves us no matter what but when we take actions outside and away from God we are risking falling away from him and listening to the ways of man and not Gods ways.

God wants us all to live happy productive lives and wants the best for all of us and its important that we start our day off with him in prayer, matter of fact pray several times a day and ask for him to give you some type of signal about this major decision and God may reveal it to you through a situation as to what is best.

When we start to keep our decisions based on Prayer and wisdom by consulting with God first and others that you trust that may have been through a similar decision or who are close to God we can start to live Elevated lives as we remove the obstacles from our lives that are not from God.

Does this mean that you will ever have a tough situation and that all decisions moving forward will be easy? No it does not but when we

Do we insult God if we do not put our full trust in him?
Do we insult God if we do not put our full trust in him?

use this process to make our decisions we have can start to move forward with confidence that the almighty Lord is with you and you have his wisdom and favor to make timely and wise decisions and not worry about offending him.

I hope you got something out of this today and know when you put God first in your life watch your future Elevate to whole new levels.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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