Disappointment and God

Disappointment and God. Have you had times in your life where you were severely disappointed and really had know idea where to turn? Many have and don’t feel alone. Its during these times of loneliness and having the feeling of not going on is when we have to stay strong. We have to trust in God to carry us through.

Sometimes we don’t understand why God may have lined things up a certain way or why certain things happen. But rest assured he is working for your good, as long as your faithful to him he will carry us through.

We don’t always see the big picture that he us working on. He maybe lining up your next position and you don’t even know it. Sometimes we get impatient and we think why wont this happen? What is taking so long? That’s when we need to stay faithful and don’t give up. Remember it only takes one grain of faith and God will do the rest.

Recently we experienced a situation where we thought that a job was going to come through as we prayed and asked God for it to happen. Well we found out it just didn’t work out. We are now waiting to see whats the next steps that God will make happen. He knows whats best for us and has a amazing future for those that believe.

Stay strong, stay the course and things will start to change. I remember when we were trying to buy a home. We got discouraged and weren’t sure if it was going to happen. Well we stayed faithful stayed on course and amazing things started to happen. Now did it happen overnight. Were there times when we weren’t sure? Yes. But then God came through Big time!

God wants us to reach out and help one another. I hope this article will help someone who maybe hurting or disappointed that things are not happening the way they thought. To offer encouragement and stay on course as you know amazing things are just around the corner.

There are may ways to keep the faith check back here often and post your encouraging stories as they happen so we all can gain encouragement from each other and to know there is hope and trust in the Lord. Many times that’s all we need is one story or a few words of somebody’s saying you can do it, stay on course and your dreams are in sight.

Have a Blessed DAY.

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  1. Hello I just received a card in the mail. Can you tell me what dtmeoinanion your church is, beliefs, and mission.My husband and I are looking for a church home.Thanks!

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