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Sign from God about what to do

Have ever thought whats my Sign from God about what to do? Have you struggled with trying to figure things out on your own and just didn’t know where to turn?

Sometimes when we go through life we have a tendency to over complicate things and not trust in God or look for his signs to direct our paths. Its important to not get caught up in this and let go and let God paint the picture.

Its really freeing when we know we can trust in him fully and officially to direct and guide our lives.

Don’t over analyze. Come to God on your knees and ask him to direct your paths and have the courage to take a leap of faith and put the almighty in charge.

Signs from God will show up when we least expect it as long as we are trying and actively working toward a goal. God loves to to help us succeed in good and proper ways.Sign from God about what to do

When we try and force things and aren’t ready to fully submit to the lord and let him guide our lives we sometimes get sidetracked with the wrong things. But when we realize that God is for us for the long haul we realize we can stay on course with the big picture knowing we will be victorious. We will see doors open in amazing ways as God pours down his favor and Blessing in our lives.

If we go all in and trust in Gods view with good and proper ways of doing things that helps others making things better in ways that improve lives and lift others to levels in which they can improve their lives, we start to see doors swing wide open.

Stay the course don’t give up and look for signs for God as he starts to pour his vision into your life for you, as you reach out and help others being his hands extended.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul.

Wooden Crosses

Wooden crosses are some of the most interesting I have seen. Some of these crosses actually are actually so interesting that they actually standout about many others I have seen. The wooden cross seen here is one that shows all types of reflection on it. The wood can vary and look better depending on the different light conditions that you may or may not have. If you look at the wooden cross shown here Wooden Crosses, they look simply awesome.

These wooden crosses are so Awesome looking and will look great on any cross wall or just about anywhere else you may want to show your love and dedication for Jesus. After all this is the ultimate symbol of our Christianity and God he said don’t be ashamed to show your love for me. If God is for us who can be against us?

As far as a Wall Cross there are many different types. There is the Metal, Plastic and Beaded. Really the sky is the limit as far as what you may want to use. Here are many examples show here. Wooden CrossesWhen you really start to  look for and narrow down exactly what you want you will start to find some simply amazing crosses. I really like the wire mesh one shown in the picture. Its kind of large but give any wall a very nice look.

I have found many crosses looking on line but some of the ones seen here are especially nice. You don’t really need to add allot of wall crosses when first building your area. Its always good to just keep it simple especially when starting off.

Many times we get side tracked and just cant seem to find the some of the additional items such as a bible show here. Many times we don’t need to add allot to our wall to make it Wooden Crosseslook really good.  Its really a symbol of our faith and its saying look at this are I have made, it honors God and tells others that we start here with God.

So with so many choices its easy to quickly get overwhelmed so its important to stay on track and at least pick an area you want to use and then start finding the crosses you want to use.

Wooded crosses are a great addition to you Cross wall. Check back often as we share our different areas of honoring the Lord Jesus Christ for all to see and say to others we stand for God!

Have a Blessed Day.


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