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The Gold Cross

The Gold cross is very special for any cross wall and should be used on special occasions where you really want to show off your crosses and add a holiday feel to them. The gold cross is really a beautiful thing to behold as it shines in all its glory and is really different than any of the others as far as what it looks like and the many customizations that you can find for it. While initially may be hard to find a decent gold cross you may have to look high and low to find a good one. Around the holidays you find more gold crosses just as a matter of timing with the holidays and they seem to be harder to find at other times of the year.

They may actually add allot to your cross wall if you mix and match with say the silver cross or bronze crosses, they may add a very nice combination and it is definitely something to consider. You may want to set your lighting and or backdrop on your cross wall before getting started. And make sure that there is enough room for the types of crosses you are trying to put up. Take a look at them all and try and narrow down the one you may want to look at.

It is such an awesome feeling when you realize you are building this wall to honor God and adding this awesome Gold cross to it and really making a special area where you live, to honor him and to show faithfulness to the almighty. You may have to look in some very different types of stores online and off to find exactly what you’re looking for, I know when we found our bronze cross it was immediate and we knew exactly the one we wanted when we saw it.

So look in many areas until you find something you like and once you do get it, try different configurations on your wall and you’ll find it interesting that various times of the day the wall can look completely different than others. One thing for sure the Gold cross will really stand out on a wall and will look very good nestled among your other items of faith. We added a Bible to ours and some additional lighting just make it look a little fuller. And you know what? It really came out nice.

Allot better then I thought. The main thing to look at, are other walls and we will try and post them here as we are sent photos of them and it may give you more ideas as what you want yours to look like. Finding a decent size wall area is the other challenge as you don’t want it too crammed in one part of your house.

If you can find an area where many visitors pass, I would say that is optimal and a great way to say to all who enter we are for God! God Bless and may favor and blessings rain down on you.

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