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Bronze Cross

A Bronze cross has a certain allure and beauty to it that many other crosses really don’t have. I have seen many different types of crosses especially when we’re looking to make our cross wall. There are the large and small crosses that all have a slightly different appeal. We tend to like the larger bronze crosses that have slightly rounded edges that have almost an uncanny way of drawing you to the shape and especially the color.

Unlike many others we have seen the bronze cross is especially appealing. We searched high and low to find the one we wanted to use and eventually settled on a mid size variety made with some type of aluminum material.

Although lightweight it was easy to hang and was a very nice addition. You may have to look at regular store fronts and or on the internet to find exactly what you’re looking for, but rest assured once you find you will know.

Especially after hanging it on the wall. Some colors of the bronze can almost look like a gold color and can be most appealing as well. It also really depends on the lighting that is used when looking at the crosses. Some of the lighting can make them look darker then when you originally saw them at the store and can actually look brighter when placed on the wall. With so many different types of bronze wall crosses it is in your best interest to continue to look for as many different shades there are, to try and find one that matches both the wall and the other items you may be placing on your cross wall.

If you actually look for a certain shade you may not find it and will actually have to modify it yourself to get that certain look you are going for. Depending on the style and number of items you’re placing it will depend on the size and of course location of your cross. Sometimes you may want to buy a couple and see what they look like you may be pleasantly surprised. Either way you will be honoring God and it will be a very nice dition to your home.

We started with one bronze wall cross and eventually ended up with two as we like them so much we eventually added a Bible and other items to kind of round things off. In the end we very happy with it. There are many ways to go about mounting the cross but the easiest way we found were just tiny nails that hold it up underneath.

You would think it wouldn’t hold it very well but they seem just fine. I at one time thought it would come down with such small nails but they are snug enough that its not an issue. Good luck with you bronze cross search and check back every now and then as we will update photos as we get them to maybe help you decide what looks best. God Bless

The Silver Cross

The silver cross is something that is really special and only really belongs on certain cross walls and should be looked at as really as one of a kind type of a cross that may want to actually be hung only for special occasions. Maybe this is one you reserve for only certain times of the year such as Christmas or New Years when special occasions are in order.

This silver cross maybe one thats proves to be especially difficult to find and may want to try and locate in unusual type of areas. It maybe one that you have to actually look for at a garage sale or in other areas on the web. If unable to obtain one you may have to consider getting a standard metal cross and painting it Silver to match other items on your cross wall.

We had actually considered going with a silver cross but ended up with bronze cross instead and were happy with that choice. We ended up adding other items such as a Bible and a light above the wall just to show it off more and really glad we did as it looks really good. I remember when looking for our cross seeing many different varieties of silver. I believe it was around the holidays and that may have been the reason.

You may want to try out a cross or two first to see if it fits and or looks good on your wall as at times they can look very different from what may be seen in the stores. The lighting on your wall may show it off more and depending on the wall paint used it may show up brighter or with more sparkle depending on the shadows thrown from the lights. Some may want to use some type of track lighting to try and make certain areas of your wall cross stand out more than others.

For instance you may have multiple colored crosses or other items of faith that you want highlighted. You can use lighting to make certain area stand out more than others. At times its hard to make all the items fit on to the cross wall if you have only have a limited area for  it depending on the size of your crosses. You may want to do a fair amount of preplanning before you start on your wall and try and get most of the measurements before you start your cross search.

Either way when searching for a wall cross its not necessarily easy and if you visit here often, and as we are sent pictures of different wall crosses we will post them and try and keep it updated. What a better way to honor God by posting pictures of the almighty cross. Good luck with your search and I am sure God will direct your path as you build a great and awesome area in your home to honor him. May you have favor and blessing all of your days. God Bless.

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