Bible is the best selling book of all time

Did you know the Bible is the best selling book of all time? What an interesting and awesome statistic. As seen in the this article how the Bible reached the Bestseller list.

Why you ask do you think it is on top of the list? Well it gives us many lifes lessons and shows us Gods word in amazing and wonderful ways.

It provides us lessons on love and relationships and how to handle our money and other people. Most important of all it shows us how to reach out to God and know him. The many scriptures of the bestseller provide timeless and amazing insight to life. As the lessons never change with time they are tried and true. If you follow this book and ultimately Gods word your life will change in amazing and awesome ways.

I remember when I first took a look at the bible growing up and thought this is kinda of difficult to read. But as the different translations started to be published especially with the advent of the smartphone its made the Bible allot more accessible then ever before like with this Bible App  Bible is the best selling book of all time This makes it even easier to read and understand. The niv and the nkjv two that I have read most of late but the are many more.

Its important to get in the  habit of reading your bible every day and applying to your life some of the valuable lessons it contains. Read on and have a Blessed day.

Bradley Paul


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