Be a Light Bringer Like Jesus

Be a Light Bringer Like Jesus.

What is a Light Bringer you ask? Its someone when they show up the room just naturally lights up and everything, every situation and everyone gets brighter. Its a positive force that flows from the Holy Spirit thru you to others that is awe inspiring. It is Gods awesome power at work.

I know there times where I felt like a situation where many were struggling, and I was able to bring that fresh perspective and bring that shinning light that was needed to solve a problem either in my profession or situations at home.

Its really awesome to see Gods hand at work as we stay connected to him to be his hands and feet extended to all situations around us. When we stay in constant communication with the Lord throughout your day, he starts turning up that light brighter and brighter!

You ask Bradley, now come on how can you be so positive and always shine the light of Hope and Peace just like Jesus did? You say there are many situations that are far too difficult to be effective. I say give it a try, pray about all situations and see what God can do. Many times this starts long before you are in them. Start your day in prayer and get the light turned on early in the day.

I know for my self (coffee helps too) I start my day in prayer and get the lights on early so I can pick the torch up and be a light bringer for God. Does this mean there will never be difficultly? No. But it means that with God on your side all things are possible.

Mathew 5: 14
“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

Have you ever been in a situation that the light gets dull and it looks like people just are having a low day or they need a lift. Well when Jesus would show all would change. When you walk with the Holy spirit you can have the same effect. Be Spirit filled and show up at your job or at school or whatever you may do, and bring the light in that area and give others hope and positivity to that situation.

This message today really is be a light bringer in all areas of your life that you possibly can. You know like Peter was in Acts, basically when he showed up at the gatherings wherever he might of been, he really brought the light with him and the other disciples as well. But especially Peter, people saw it on him, through him, and in every which way and It just really was a great reflection of the Lord in all the good the Lord Jesus brings. People wanted more of that!

I think this day in age we can still bring that.  Be the light bringer to any situation we’re in and lift people up and lift those around you up

Be a Light Bringer Like Jesus
Be a Light Bringer Like Jesus

to an elevated level and you’ll see your life start to change and those around you. It’s amazing to see.

Stay on course once you’re committed to God and stay faithful your life will start to open up whole new avenues that you never thought possible.

Have a Blessed day,

Bradley Paul



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