A Brothers Love is Like Jesus Love

A Brothers Love is Like Jesus Love isn’t it like Jesus love when you have a brother that loves you so much that he’s always there for you he & supports you he’s there for you through thick and thin? Isn’t that how Jesus’s love for us is? Isn’t it an amazing when we put our whole trust and faith in the Lord to see the doors he will open, see the love he will pour down on us, and see our lives change for the better? Sometimes as we go thru life and maybe we don’t know Jesus yet, it’s hard to realize the things he can do with our lives and the doors he can open when we stay the course and know that the Lord our God is always with us in always and is for us, similar to how a brother’s love is for us.

A Brothers Love is Like Jesus Love
A Brothers Love is Like Jesus Love

As you can see in this picture here with my oldest Brother Burr during a recent get together and how happy we are in this picture. I am very fortunate to have brothers that care so much, Love God and are so good to the people especially their brothers in life. Many times we can start to feel that maybe a family’s Love is all we have and is all we will ever have. But when we come to know God and draw closer to him we start to realize that his Love for us runs deep as well. That he wants Joy and happiness for us at all times. We start to see a changes in ourselves. I know there was a point in my life where I took for granted my family’s Love and knew God but thought maybe there was something beyond that. I am here to tell you that if you have both of these things God and family, in your life you are Blessed beyond all that you know or think.

If you don’t know Jesus and you want to, say this prayer. “Lord Jesus come into my heart and forgive me of my sins and I ask for your forgiveness” If you said this prayer we believe you got born again, get in a good Bible based church in you local area and get connected.

If your family situation is one where you don’t see each other much and that’s how your relationship with God is too. Stay the course keep trying. Talk to God through prayer and ask him to speak into your world and direct your path and you will see a massive change as long as your faithful to the Lord. I thank God for my brother Burr (and other family members as well), for always being an inspiration in my life and always encouraging and a great tremendous Man of God. He is that voice that there that’s always encouraging full of humor and I know similar to Jesus that he wont let me down and is a solid part of my world. Isn’t that amazing things great things can happen in our lives?

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

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