90 Percent Of What You Worry About Will Never Happen

Just wanted to let you know you can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, strengthens you and strengthens those who believe, those, who have faith, those who have lost their faith and have let the enemy beat them up to the point that they they feel like they can’t go on or they can’t get past that rough situation.

You know I’ve had a couple things happen recently, and you know again that’s what I love about this ministry, we’re all we’re all in the Working World and we can really correlate these stories that happen in our own lives and maybe someone can get something out of it. Maybe it will help them grow in their walk with God and help them in everyday life.
I had situation where was I was trying for a job and I thought I was going to have to go out of state to start working and God is so good he blessed us with that opportunity and then and then literally within one week, really just a couple days he came through and blessed with a job that’s closer to home, I mean literally within just a few miles! This happened fast, I mean so fast that kind of made our head spin.
We stayed faithful and just believed that God would come through. Did doubt creep in as we we were going through this Of course it did. But when you stay the course and start your day in prayer it goes along way to helping you overcome many situations in life.
I had a technical issue at work that was pretty rough to get through, not just your average technical issue but a very difficult all niter type. I was able to get through that difficult technical issue, I don’t want to go into, don’t want to bore you with the details but you know when you when you believe in God and don’t let the enemy in, which I think can happen especially we get tired, the enemy has a tendency to come in and try to take a stronghold and beat you up with things from your past and the next thing you know you’re thinking I can’t do it.
You know and once you start down that path it happens quick you know and you have to lift yourself up and pray. If you have you have prayer warriors around, your friends or family around you that you know that can come alongside you in prayer, and you can’t put a price on that!
 When two or more come together in prayer, it will happen according to the bible! That’s really the message today, if you’re in a difficult situation just know 90 percent of what you worry about will never happen.
Does that mean to not use past situations and learn form them? No it does not. But it means to not let negative things of your past replay in you memory like a broken record.
Have a Blessed Day,
Bradley Paul
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