God Will Clear Your Path

As we go through life we have a tendency to think our path is blocked. God will come through and essentially clear that path if were faithful and stay the course.

It’s important to start our day in prayer, it goes a long ways to clearing the paths that lie before us. Will that path sometimes clear right away? Sometimes not. We need to stay diligent stay faithful and sometimes the path will look different than what we originally thought it would. Sometimes God will make a better path.

There’s a single Mom we know and have helped, who was struggling with her path. Things weren’t really going her way and she was faithful and kept trying. She has two teenage sons, out there on her own raising them, doing a great job. Eventually God opened up many paths for her! God reached in and changed her situation. She got a new job and one of here sons is now going to college. It’s awesome to see God work especially for someone who’s faithful and really needed her patch cleared and corrected!

That’s really a testament to all of us and maybe our patch aren’t as daunting as hers, but if we stay the course, God will clear the path and make a way.

When we first started this ministry years ago, the path seemed to be not so clear. We had a direction from God, specifically I had a direction from God to start this ministry and bring it to people that are in need and are hurting or people that just need an everyday lift in their lives from the word of God. Maybe they need this inspiration to get their path going. Was it easy to see a clear path to what we are seeing now? No and it was probably blocked because of not being very faithful about it.

God Will Make a Path
God Will Make a Path

God needed to work it out and God will step in and eventually give us that vision. He does that when he sees our faithfulness and it allow God to open up doors and open up path maybe initially we cannot see. We need to hang in there and not give up and give God time to work.

Its society in general with its On Demand Lifestyle, if things don’t work quickly, some make a change and are on to the next thing. That’s not really God’s intent he wants us to hang in there and see things through and he will reward you for that. Catch God’s vision for your life and in the long run you will reap the benefits of that. Those paths and your life will become clear, and that will allow you to onto your next path of life.

That’s the message today hang in there and God will clear those paths and your life will soar to new levels.

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Have a Blessed Day,
Bradley Paul


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