Don’t run from God

Has God asked you to do something? Are you running from it?

John 10:10
The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

Sometimes when we go through life, God will lay it on our heart to accomplish something, to try and do something and many times we have a tendency to ignore it and not follow through. It’s very important when we hear these things to really filter through them, pray about them and follow through!

When we started this ministry it’s been over three years ago now it was not necessarily easy you know there was questions in my mind, if we could actually accomplish it and how would we accomplish it.  I really heard God say that this will be another voice to know God’s kingdom first and foremost. To reach out and help people that are may be downtrodden negative who are don’t know God and if we reach just one person we’ve done our job and that’s really what it’s developed into it just been amazing.

No it wasn’t easy to start but others came alongside and gave us, gave me specifically the confidence to go on as it is in any venture you make. Maybe it’s a business or you’re starting school hang in there stay the course and know that God is with you first and foremost especially when you put him center of your life others, will come alongside and you will accomplish your goals just hang in there.

Have a Blessed Day,
Bradley Paul

Don't run from God
Don’t run from God

You are not defined by your past: you’re prepared by it!

Sometimes when we go through life we have a tendency to look backwards and not look forward; and this a lot of times is the enemy trying to take control of your thoughts. When we learn to start our day off with God in a positive way, we are far better off as this sets the tone for the whole day and if we continue to meditate on God and prayer we are Roots will grow and prosper.

When we learn to focus on positive and not negative thoughts our lives change for the better. You know there’s a person I heard of that had a plant that they were they just started growing and she started to think that it was going to die and then you know it just for some reason wasn’t going to make it. Well what happened about three weeks later the plant died. She heard God say that she killed the plant with her negative thoughts. She told her husband about it and said you think you’re going to think I’m crazy but I think I killed that plant with my thoughts and he said well I hope you have positive thoughts about me. That’s all are thinking can go if we dwell on the negative especially about our past and allow that to contaminate our future we’re going to have issues so when we concentrate on the positive and turn our past into a positive our future becomes a positive.

Sometimes things can appear fairly difficult and when we learn to stay the course things get better. I know when my wife was giving child birth to one of our daughters she was squeezing my thumb so tight that I thought it was going to pop off. After everything was said and done it was fine but at the time it was a struggle but we get through it and the enemy has a tendency to have us look backwards and think at the time that things aren’t going well but in reality if we stay the course and stay centered with God, our lives are far better and we get through these difficulties and issues not living in the negative past and not allow it to come back to change our bright future.

I was in the Military years ago and sometimes the training was tough and not easy to get through. I could look back at as a negative but I know it made me stronger for my future and ultimately for made the military stronger. Was it tough yes but many things in life are tough but we keep them positive and learn from them it turns our future into a positive and makes it stronger.

My father grew up during the great depression and poverty. Did he let that hold him back from a positive future? No! He was impregnated (so to speak) with a positive future for himself and eventually his family to do great things and eventually not be in poverty as he started his own family years later. When you maintain a positive mind set even like my father through one of the bleakest periods in history you can get through it and give birth to a positive future.

But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord ; their vindication will come from me. I, the Lord , have spoken!
Isaiah 54:17

Have Blessed Day!

Bradley Paul
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