War Room Reviewed

When you enter the theater you can almost fill the Holy Spirit fill the room as Priscilla Shirer makes a star performance.

War Room Reviewed
War Room Reviewed

Beth More makes a brief but memorable appearance and is impact-full as usual.

This movies gets 5 angels absolutely with a great story line mixed with salvation, humor and grace.

This is a must see if your a Christian or not it will show you God in an amazing whole new light.

The writers hold your attention practically in every scene with deep emotions of Love, fear, betrayal rarely seen and orchestrated so well in a Christian based film.

While this movie does get a bit long in the tooth but never prictitable. Its refreshing at every turn.

It’s so nice to see Christian films becoming main stream and Glorifying God in amazingly awesome ways.

This movie is very believable as it shows real life situations that could actually happen. This helps Christianity in many ways as it will help lead many to have hope and joy that Jesus brings when we learn to follow him.

The premise of the film centers around a family that is struggling with work and infidelity & attacks from the enemy. But when God steps in its absolutely transformational!

When you combine the power of prayer warriors and family values it’s God’s amazing Grace that shines through.

One part where a Pastor of many years immediately recognizes a prayer room that had been empty for some time, was absolutely a Godly touch that I am sure reached many.

Great job Sony and the producers of this film and know that God will Bless you for it. Incredible movie and keep up the awesome work!

Bradley Paul

Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer!

Have you ever felt low where you just don’t know where to turn? I can tell you we all have. When we learn to keep or start to prayer in our lives it’s so freeing. It allows us to open up our hearts and minds to new and powerful elevation to live a happier less stress life.


Power of Prayer
Power of Prayer

Psalms 107

28 Then they cry to the Lord in their trouble, and He brings them out of their distresses.

29 He hushes the storm to a calm and to a gentle whisper, so that the waves of the sea are still.

30 Then the men are glad because of the calm, and He brings them to their desired haven.

My brother Burr had a very bad toothache on a recent trip we all took together and it was absolutely amazing to see what happens next. He woke that morning and I asked how the tooth is? He said he prayed about it and the pain was gone! Think about that the pain was gone! That’s the power of prayer!

When we learn to open up our hearts and minds to the power the Lord has made available to all of us it’s so freeing and when we ask the Lord into our hearts and continue the rest of our lives to come to the Jesus in prayer he floods in and frees our hearts and minds to soar to amazing levels.

I know before I started a daily routine of prayer my life, life would be turbulent and many times wouldn’t settle down as I would turn to the ways of man to figure things out and not God. But when we start our day in prayer and turn to him every morning we start to see a massive change in our daily routines for the better.

You know Jesus has amazing faith and demonstrated the power of prayer many times in the bible. In Luke 22 32 he prayed for Peter for strength and many other examples that you should research and you will see that amazing strength that comes from prayer.

Do not take it lightly my friends for prayer is the key to our dialog with God and all things new and good and refreshing. Missing prayer is like not having water on a blistering hot day. Open up your mouths wide and sing and talk to the Lord and rest assured he will respond.

Find a quiet spot where you live and before you start your day come to Jesus and ask for forgiveness and lay all your troubles at his feet. Forgive others who have wronged you (not always easy I know) and watch God flood into all your situations and make all things right. Does it mean it will happen immediately? No not always. But stay in faith and watch God make a change in you heart and others as he works his amazing ways!

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

PS: We will be broadcasting live Elevationals every Tuesday and Thursday Morning at 7am Central so please joins us on YouTube For those.


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