God Wants Us To Focus On The Good

Stay focused on God and know that he wants us to focus on the good. Sometimes in life we can go through situations that may have a tendency to sour us and make us turn from God. It’s important to not let this happen.

Romans 12:21
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

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We recently had a situation in which our family members were protected in what I like to call a glory story. God protected them from going in a ditch and nearly missing a poll which could have been very bad vehicle accident. We were so thankful everyone was ok and praise God for it.

Is it always easy to know that God is working for our best interest and he ultimately is in control of all things? No ,but as we start to see God step in and direct our path and know he is along side us time and time again out faith build to elevated levels unseen before.

Serve, give and honor God in all ways and know that he send is only begotten son down to show us the way to peace and happiness and things the enemy tries to destroy. With so much evil in this world its impotent we learn to rise above to Gods way and he will teach us to live at elevated levels.

God Wants Us To Focus On The Good
God Wants Us To Focus On The Good

Thank you God for everyone reading this and may they truly fond your word and deploy it in their own lives and fins a good Bible based church and live for you and let your amazing words and promises invade their worlds and allow the to show others the way too.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

God is for you

God is for you

Have you ever felt in life that things were pilling up and you had no way of ever overcoming them and your were basically stuck? I have too and when we learn to put our whole trust in God and learn to come to him in prayer several times a day we learn to know he is a loving God and is for us.

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As read here John 3:18
“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

We recently had a issue in which we needed to come together to figure out a financial situation. Amazingly God brought us together and allowed us to communicate and put together a plan so the enemy wont win in our life. The devil wants us to be down trodden and not feel good about things but when we turn to God and ask for wisdom and favor and protection we see everything change for the better.

At the same time were going through this another couple was too and God allowed me to have a conversation with the spouse and amazingly we found comfort in knowing God was working in both of our lives and he will make all things right!

Many times in life we get side tracked and forget God is there for us and all we have to do is ask. When we learn to turn to the Lord and not run we learn to live a positive life that includes living at a level that is far above we can imagine. When we trust in Jesus and know that he died for our sins so we feel no more shame and live a life that lifts those around us included, we start to see the world in a fresh new light.

I know many times in our life we have had to remind ourselves of all he has done and continues to and know God is for us and now that he has many many times came through and we all need to be so Thankful to the lord and know that even when things don’t appear to be going our way just know that God is working all things out.

God is for you
God is for you

I think we we truly get to a point in our lives and know that God is there for us. it allows us to have a confidence that is so apparent to others around us and frees us to live an awesome blessed life. Stay the course and know that when we stay faith and allow Jesus to come into our lives we start the live a more free existence.

Stay the course and if you don’t have a church we recommend finding one in your local area and ensure that it is Bible based and learn to serve and know God and you will be very glad you did as you see your life become a awesome spectacle for all to see.

Thanks you Jesus,
Bradley Paul

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