God Loves Us Regardless Of

God Loves Us Regardless Of

Have you ever fallen so far from God that you were not sure exactly where you were going with your life and your walk with God?

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I am here to tell you no matter what you have done or will do God

God Loves Us Regardless Of
God Loves Us Regardless Of

loves you regardless of your mistakes and as long as you ask for him to flood into your heart and invade your space you will always be loved by God and he will always  Love You regardless of your situation and where you are in your life.

Does it mean you can just continue to sin and not ask for forgiveness? No! but what it does mean that God will take you back if you come to him when we do make mistakes and ask for forgiveness and as we actively try and do better as he shines in our life and always wants the best for us.

This angers the enemy as we follow God with a new found passion and when we worship God and get involved at church and God begins to move in our lives in amazing ways the enemy has to run.

I know for my own life, especially growing up I felt there were times I was not with the right people and was moving away from God. But when I came to him and got on my knees and asked for forgiveness and hope and peace God moved mountains in my life for the better and we have seen God do this for others too.

When we stay the course and stay in prayer God listens and responds sometimes its not always as fast as we would like but rest assured he is working for our good and will make the changes necessary when we are willing to try and have hope and assurance that God will step in where we can’t.

When the devil attacks us through others, it wakes up Jesus! Have you ever known someone or thought you knew someone and suddenly you were attacked by them in an unforeseen way? That’s when God steps in and defends us and shapes our life so can go to higher levels. When we take the high road and pray for them or turn around and do something nice for someone else, this sends a direct hit into the enemy and allows God to flood into our life in unforeseen ways!

Guilt, Shame, Lies of the Past are all on the way out as it says in this passage

Psalms 129:4
The Lord is righteous;
He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked.

A friend of mine has seen God work in this way as he was attacked by the enemy through a job loss and in many different fronts and amazingly he stayed strong in the word and is now back at work and doing better than ever! Thank you God for being there for him and righting every wrong and helping this Man of God!

Many times we talk about starting our day off with God before our feet even hit the ground, today we want to say if you’re a night owl go ahead and praise God at midnight as Pastor John Gray recently spoke about at his new years eve service..

Psalm 199:62
At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You,
Because of Your righteous judgments.

When we learn to just stay the course with God in our lives and change in amazing ways then God in-turn loves us in amazing ways and our lives get better and better!

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

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