Focus on Faith

Focus on Faith

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Have you ever tried to stay focused but couldn’t do to distractions from many different things in your life?

That can happen very quickly, and if we allow it to continue it can be a bad thing especially if we lose our focus for God.

When we get our focus on faith back and our clarity and not let the outside world get in the way of our God time we are far better off.

Timothy 3:16
And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the Spirit, Seen by angels, Preached among the Gentiles, Believed on in the world, Received up in glory.

There are times when we just need to get our focus back on God and not worry about the world around us as much as we should focus on the word of God.

I remember a friend of mine this happen to where he fell off his path and wasn’t drawing near to God like we all need to do on a daily basis through studying the word and really talking to God through prayer and this allow us to focus on faith and back on him and allows us to start our day om a Godly way.

This friend of mine did finally get his focus on God back after he gave the things that were causing him to lose his focus up to God. Things such as anger and offense. He now is on the path again and more focused on God’s word than ever.

That’s how it is when we learn to live in a way in which we not only pray for those around us but put God first place in our lives especially first thing every day but also by Tithing and Serving God at your church as all of these things bring God into focus and put earthly things second place the way it should be.

My friend is now happier then he has been in a long time as now he has reached out to others and helps them keep their focus on God and helps spread the good news of Jesus and he tells others how they too can know him and Love God the way he has found to do.

Sometimes we have to be broken down so we can move up as we get stuck in the ruts Focus on Faithof life. God has a great plan for us and when we focus on it and the positive things of that plan and it frees us to live a happy and Elevated life with God first place.

So that’s really today’s Elevational to stay focused on God and when we start to feel where maybe it’s starting get out of focus, recognize it and regroup and ask yourself, OK what’s really important here, my walk with God or things of this world? Once you start to recognize this early on and get your focus back as soon as you lose focus on faith, you will be far better of then waiting and getting stuck in another rut.

Hope someone gets something out of this and please join our Daily Elevations on the right so you don’t miss a thing and we will talk to everyone tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


How You Can And Will Live An Elevated Life: Faith it Till You Make It Review

How You Can And Will Live An Elevated Life: Faith it Till You Make It Review

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It seems somewhat odd reviewing your own book but here it goes, I’ll try and be as impartial as possible. If you would like to order this book, its found here,

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all proceeds go to a good cause the Orphans Promise – To Help Abandoned Children Across The Globe.

This book really starts with an accounting of why it was written. Bradley starts by honoring those who have inspired his writing one of which is Pastor Keith Craft Lead Pastor of Elevate Life in Frisco Texas.

I can say this now, that Pastor Keith is a great role model in how to follow God but also life in general as hence his church name and how he really does take a positive approach both to all things in his walk for God and everyday life lessons that he imparts into people in a true and sincere way.

When we learn to stay on the Elevated side of life and come to God in a real and regular way and learn to have a relationship with God not a Religionship (is that a word) with him.

The writer talks about a GodAbility and how we tap into that and it gives new found lift and allows us to unlock Blessings that many of us never new were obtainable but are and when you learn to come to God on a regular basis and your life begins to soar to whole new levels.

One of the GodAbility’s, Favor (hope I am not giving too much away well I can only get mad at myself ha-ha) which is a special anointing that God extends to those are loyal and faithful to his word.

This part of Favor was especially encouraging to me as growing up Methodist I had no idea that we could for number one, ask for Favor let alone tap into Gods special blessings and ask for Favor in a real way and have high faith he will come through. I am highly favored, I am highly favored, keep saying it throughout your day.

It’s for these type of special Blessings from God that when we realize they are there and tap into then we are lifted to new levels in Life.

God wants us to live a happy and blessed life free from guilt or the ways of your past chaining you down, chains that never allow you to break free and where the enemy keeps trying to drag you back into the pit of despair and unhappiness.

But when we rise up and realize that God is for us who can be against? And truly mean that and get your GodAbility on and watch God come through in amazing ways.

Overall this book will elevate your life if you learn the basic 4 GodAbility’s and learn how to come to God everyday with our focus on him and ask God for amazing dreams you have in your heart and watch him move into your dream and lift you up and refresh your soul.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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