When You’re on Team Jesus There is Victory

When You’re on Team Jesus There is Victory

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Following your favorite sports team can be tough like it is to follow God at times. That is Faith if you can wait in confidence until your team wins again. Isn’t that how it is when we wait on God at times and all odds are stacked against and yet when we still show hope and strength and the ability to not give up on God similar how we don’t give up our team and God wins for us!

It’s this waiting and believing for God to come through that has many people not sure what is happening as God lines up everything just so and as long as we do our part and believe and have hope, trust and confidence & faith, the almighty will come through.

Some may mock and criticize and say why on are waiting on team Jesus. You say that’s ok I know Team Jesus is awesome and never fails and yes the path is narrow and hard to stay on at times but I know Team Jesus never fails!

I was recently was watching Game six of the 2014 world series Giants Vs Royals and that’s when it dawned on me when you really want your team to win (Go Royals) but they haven’t done anything significant yet especially when the game first starts, how similar that is to following God.

But deep down inside you have this little voice that is saying you know they can do it, you now they can win keep watching, keep the faith don’t give up on them!

That’s how it is when we follow God we have that little voice inside that is saying, I know God will come through I know he will correct this path I just have to believe and have faith even when it looks like nothing is happening.

John 20:29
Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who those who have not seen me yet have believed.”

I think at times we have a tendency to give up to early on God and just as a victory is going to happen we all at times have a tendency to get impatient and lose hope. The good news today is stay the course don’t lose your hope and believe that God will come through always!

The good news is, as a believer in God and as we see him work in our lives, and others around us, we gain more confidence in not giving up, our walk with God becomes easier, as we can tell ourselves and others he will bring a victory, God will come through as you know what he can do, and the amazing awesome power that God has, to bring us to victory.

This analogy of believing that your sports team will win and it’s

When You’re on Team Jesus There is Victory
When You’re on Team Jesus There is Victory

so true except with Team Jesus we are on the most powerful team ever! Which should give you even more confidence in God.

So that’s today’s Elevationlal stay the course even when nothing appears to be happening have the trust and confidence that when you’re on Team Jesus there is Victory and a awesome life ahead!

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul




God Wants Us To Be Overcomers

God Wants Us To Be Overcomers

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Are you mature enough to handle new responsibilities or do you run from them? Do you look to overcome new assignments or do you shrink from them?

If we allow ourselves to get into a position in life where we are not growing anymore it’s not a good thing. We have to be mature enough especially as Christians to do things based on integrity and not necessarily how a situation or people make us feel. Otherwise we may not reach our full potential that God has planned for us.

Galatians 6:5
For each one shall bear his own load.

When you learn to take responsibility and become an overcomer of a situation that may have offended someone less then mature, you start to change the game in walk in full maturity of how God wants us all to be.

I know years ago I was working with a group of people who were taking constant offense to what the person in charge was saying. The thing was her approach was what rubbed people wrong as she was very direct. But the ones that were able to get past that and take on more responsibility are the ones the survived and flourished in that situation.

What am I trying to say is that when we are mature enough to overcome and step up and into our roles in life, God steps in an carry’s us through to whole new levels.

When we learn not to react to necessarily what was said but overcome the offense and see through to what needs done we are far better off. Unfortunately this day and age people have a tendency to take offense to how it was said and can’t get past that.

But if we really want to get to the next level and be who God wants us to be we learn to be mature in our walk with God and rise above the chatter and take responsibilities when they arise and see what God can do as he elevates you to whole new levels in your life.

Don’t let the situation shape us but learn to shape the situation as

God Wants Us To Be Overcomers
God Wants Us To Be Overcomers

we begin to think in a whole new way and rise above and think responsible and with a whole new filter on it’s so freeing as we now can be more effective than ever before.

Responsible individuals don’t blame people or circumstance for their behavior they take responsibility for their choices and for the choice they make and the actions they take and their decisions are based on their core values and not on their feelings about a person or a situation.

The more responsible you are the more mature you are which allows us to overcome many situations we encounter in life. This allows us to be healthier when it comes to our lives as we become more effective to ourselves and to those we do life with.

Hope someone gets something out of this today and everyone have a Blessed Day.

Bradley Paul

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