God of Change

God of Change

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to change? I think sometimes when we realize that God allows us to go through change to better ourselves and when we realize and accept this life can be that much better.

Sometimes as we go through life we may encounter a difficulty or a difficult person or a situation that just really doesn’t seem like it has much hope and I think it’s very important to pray about that situation and pray for God to change it, or change you, or change something in that environment to help you get to the next level!

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

As you can see here God changes you for the future so it can be brighter and you can start to have hope and peace in your heart.

I know there was a time when a friend of mine had a significant loss in his life and he needed to get back to God in a real way. God lines up the right people at the right time and changed his heart for the better.

How does God know we need this change you ask? God knows everything about us as there is no hiding anything from him and if we believe and have faith and hope as small as a mustard seed as it says in the Bible, God steps in does the rest.

I have had people tell me, I don’t like change and I am comfortable where I am at. I think we all have that feeling of I would rather just stay where I am, as I’m comfortable regardless of my circumstance now.

God has a bigger vision for your life and sometimes we have to be willing to change to be able to get there. Sometimes this change can make us feel uncomfortable as God smooths our rough edges and lines up our future.

God of Change. Rest assured he is working and making the change happen, When we put our trust and confidence in his ability to do this it gives us peace as we now know that he will line up our future for our good and Elevate us to whole new levels.

There have been times in my own life where I needed a change to

God of Change
God of Change

happen, rather it be in a job situation or other areas and it seemed to be taking longer then I would of liked. I think sometimes that’s God working out changes in others as well, as he lines up our situation for the good of all and this can take time.

On the other hand I have prayed for change in a certain area and God came thru almost instantly. Sosmtimes so amazingly fast that it will make your head spin. You just never know, but I do know that its exciting to see what God lines up for us each and every day as he works his plan.

If you need change in an area of your life please leave a comment below as we would love to Pray for you. As it says in the Bible when two or more come to together in prayer it will happen.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul



Gods Priorities and Your Profits

Gods Priorities and Your Profits

When you are on your Job do you work for mankind or for God? When we truly keep God first he should always be our intention.

You know in times past I had profit always in the front or my mind but now I have peace and God first. How freeing and refreshing that is.

When we change our thinking and instead of being driven by the almighty dollar with all of out thoughts and actions we have a tendency to think differently. We see life in a whole new way as Jesus enters the picture.

I know years ago when I had numerous websites my motives were not so pure, I would only really care about one thing and that was sales. But as my heart changed so did my sites. I now write for God first and what he places in my heart to write about and let it flow.

In some ways its so freeing as God downloads awesome word after awesome word and allows his Love to shine through and give him the Glory not mankind.

I just feel like someone needs to hear this out there and know that when you create, write or whatever you do not for profit but for purity of the Lord Jesus your whole world will change for the better.

Proverbs 14:23
In all labor there is profit, But idle chatter only to poverty.

If you really look at this verse, I think if you really give your heart to the Lord and work in his good Blessing and know that he is on your side that you Labor in a positive way not negative.

What does this mean you ask? I think more then anything it is really saying that when we are truly honest with ourselves and others and especially when we put God first all things flow form him that are good.

We need to learn how to not take shortcuts but truly learn our craft or whatever we chose to do in life and learn it well. When we bring our 1% (that special something we all have in us) to that effort we will be truly will be rewarded for that.

Gods Priorities and Your Profits. So this elevational really is today don’t worry about the profit so much and focus on the purity in all situations and what God has put in your heart to do on a daily basis, as a starting point each and every day and watch your world start to elevate.

So whats your definition of profit or purity? It not and easy question

Gods Priorities and Your Profits
Gods Priorities and Your Profits

and one that I am sure will be pondered for years to come. But I know mine is now when we first ask God is this something you see as pure and that makes you smile then how can we go wrong.

Stay the course and don’t give up and know that when God is for you who can be against you and you will see all of your dreams come true. Put your whole trust in God and live an Elevated Life.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul,



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