Do Business with God

Do Business with God

Have you ever had a company that you like doing business with and kept going back because they have excellent customer service and values? Let’s do business with God that way. You know there’s companies out there that really do a great job at what they do, and you know when you’re not interacting with them they’re still working on your behalf and getting the job done by helping you and supporting you behind the scenes. Isn’t that what God does for us?

He is just like a company the has the best reputation and is always on our side through thick and thin and always wants the best for us. God is so amazing and can open doors to whole new future for you.

Let’s put our whole trust and faith in God and watch what happens. God will make the doors swing open. I just love this analogy and I just really feel like if we take this approach with God that our lives will completely change around for the better.

I remember once not too long ago when we were helping a friend of ours move and it seemed to not be organized in a way that would make for an very efficient move. Well once we started the move it actually turned out not too bad as many people showed up and balanced out the efforts and made things possible to complete the move. Isn’t like that when God is control? He is the great equalizer.

Many times it can feel like why is it taking so long for things to get accomplished.. Its important to reach out and help others as God makes the changes happen behind the scenes and not get to impatient as we wait.

James 4:15
Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”

When we just give it up to God and know that he always keeps our best interest in mind and will not harm us but he is always looking out for our good, we know that he will line up all the right people and places and times to make a noticeable change in our lives for the better, just like when we do business with a great company.

I know there have been times where we couldn’t see the end results immediately of what Gods planning in our lives. But when we put

Do business with God
Do business with God

our whole trust in him and stay the course he will come thru in amazing and incredible ways. Keep the faith and never lose hope.

I feel like there’s a whole change starting out there, one of positivity to make things move for the better and to have a positive outlook on life not negative, not one based on fear but one based on faith and a hope for a future that is bright for all of us.

So hey let’s do business with God and Have a Great and Blessed Day.

Bradley Paul



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