Starting your day off with God

Starting your day off with God

Have you ever felt

Starting your day off with God
Starting your day off with God

low and wondered why? We come under the enemy’s attacks just like Jesus did in Luke 4:13 (AMP)

When we start our day off and put on the full Armour of God and follow his word and recognize these attacks for

what they truly are, we begin to walk in his word.

I know one time a few years ago I came under such attack and had to dig deep to defend it. It was group of people at work who like to drink occasionally after work especially on Fridays. I did participate a few times but it never felt right. I eventually ended up leaving that company to work a better position and God removed me from that temptation.

We all get the feeling of this is too hard, this is not going to work. When we remember the good word of God and learn to receive the word of the Bible by saying such things like my wife and like to say to each other, we can do all things through who Christ who strengthens us! This goes along way to helping you get through your life and difficult times..

One thing I like to do is ride the stationary bike and listen to my Christian music and Pray. Before that I spend about 30 minutes watching one of my favorite Pastors message and studying the Bible it gives me a great start and helps me put my Armour on for God.

How do you start your day? If you start it in a negative way it makes it difficult. First thing I try and do every morning when I wake up is say something positive such as God is my side I can do all things with him on my side thank you Lord for calling me precious and loving me. I try and say this before my foot ever hits the ground.

Its not easy in life as the enemy is looking for ways to attack us and it happens to me when I am tired. What I have learned now is to not subscribe to that but take a nap and get my defenses back and get my armor on.

I think when we start our day off with God on our side and stay geared up for the enemy’s attacks we go along way to haveing a great and awesome life in  Christ.

Throughout your day there can be many temptations. Everything from someone speaking about other people to people just trying to influence you to maybe do something that you know is not right. When we learn to recognize these attacks as what they are from the enemy we start to know how to better defend against them. When we start our day with our battery charged up for God we can more easily repel the attacks of the devil.

Please pray for this blog and ministry and we are trying to grow and reach out and help others in need across the Globe.

Have a Blessed day in Christ.

Bradley Paul


God doesn’t want us to worry

God doesn’t want us to worry.

Start your day & week off right and ask God into your life and

God doesn't want us to worry
God doesn’t want us to worry

choose to put God first!

We had this hole in our roof and I was stressing as to how long it was taking to get it fixed but God fixed it was on his timing, why did I worry? God had it all lined up!

We need God to rain on our situation now. May the storm of Blessings rain down on your life. God will meet you at the point of your development. Don’t allow anything else to get in the way.

In Proverbs 4 it says above all else guard your heart.

We only have so much emotional energy in one day. We have to chose wisely what we spend it on. If we worry a too much and over think some situations we will drain it on negative things.

When others speak negative about its because you have blessing and victory on your life. Don’t worry about that as they wouldn’t speak about you if you weren’t dong well. Focus on the positive.

Learn to walk away from offenses. Don’t waste your time trying to win over people who will never be for you.

Honor God and don’t worry thing too much, and he will carry you through as we focus on the Lord and stay positive.

Jesus said I chose you. God is creating a legacy out of you. The reason  some situations are misunderstood is that God is digging in your life to make you a legacy fruit.

Every person is a garden and not everyone gets fertilized the same way.

God cultivates each of us differently. When your faithful and stay on course and don’t worry God takes you to his next level.

God knew you would give him glory and stay in faith he floods into your life.

The more God fertilizes you in other words the more you have been through.

Pray for break through worry no more! Get in agreement with God! God wants you to Get excited about your fruit as he is giving it to you.

Things of worry are set free this year there is a rain on the inside.

Life is not easy but when we stay faithful and not worry and know Jesus will show up in your situation. It maybe small at first but you will start to see him work and move in your life others will want to be part if that.

Name your worry and declare the name of Jesus to reign over those areas of your life.

God works through our spirit and the Devil works through our flesh. God try’s to motivate us to do the right things the enemy presses against us trying to get us to be selfish and worrisome.

We need to declare war on selfishness and worry.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

Do good works
I John 3:17 NKJV

But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?

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