We all get tested to see if God is first in our lives

We all get tested to see if God is first in our lives. God has an ability make things right. Beauty from ashes. Don’t depend on other people to feel good about yourself, get your security from God.

We all get tested to see if God
We all get tested to see if God is first in our lives

Jesus died so we can have a intimate relationship with God.
God gives you the grace to walk away from the things in your life.

God will never Love you more then now.

The Gospel of Christ is good news from the beginning. Believe what the word says regardless of how you feel.

When your broken in your soul your ability to make decisions is hindered.

When you receive Christ everything in your spirit is fixed.

Think right believe right.

We all get tested to see if God is first in our lives.

Your believing determines your living.
When you first wake up the Devil makes a bid if for your thoughts.
Wake up and tell yourself you love your self, you are precious. Love what God has created for you.

It frees you to Love other people.

God had a purposes when he created you.

Give it up to God for his use.

When you think about your future name it Awesome, saying Gods goodness is on it.

Don’t live your future based on your past.
Arise and shine because the Glory of the lord is already on you.
You are Heavy with Gods favor, its on you.

Wake up the mighty men and women as Joel said in scriptures.
God puts the promise in you.

There more difficult it is the more God will promote you.

Honor God by staying the course, shake off offense and he will reward you.

You have everything need to live your Dreams.

Have a Blessed Week,

Bradley Paul,


Recommended readings Isaiah 61 1-3

Your promise for the future are to big not to involve God in your life

Shout to declare that the Lord is magnified. Favor Gods cause. Let the Lord be magnified.
Psalms 35;27 Let them shout for joy and be glad, Who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, “Let the Lord be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”

Your promise for the future are to big not to involve God in your life
Your promise for the future are to big not to involve God in your life

Make God continually bigger.

When you hear the trumpet shout to God and your walls will come tumbling down.

When you don’t follow Gods word, Gods word won’t work in your life.
What you choose to have faith in, is very important.

Moses couldn’t lead them into their promises, Joshua did and they had to defeat the first city. God says do it my way. Most people try and do it their way.

Don’t work and get know where.

If you want to make a change obey God even when it doesn’t make sense and you will see rapid change.

Joshua 6:19 But all the silver and gold, and vessels of bronze and iron, are consecrated to the Lord; they shall come into the treasury of the Lord.”

Think about your family tree and how it is effected by following God or not.

We make a change now and that affects generations to come.
Unbelief leads to more unbelief, God says he can fix that by just turning your heart to him by changing. your thoughts, to overcome your self doubt, we all have it. Put your faith in God.
Overcome self talk, stop and hear the voice of God.
Just listen to the voice of God.

Overcome your self image. Don’t doubt you can do something.
There is nobody on earth that is better then you.

Don’t let what someone else has said about you to not let you accomplish your dreams.

You are who God says you are, that’s what God wants you to know.

Grow though your process and with God all is possible. No matter your past just obey him.

God always wants us to be moving forward and always wants us to make progress.

We shape our lives as we shape ourselves.

Process never ends until we Die.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:

Children of Israel went though a process.
Your process determines your future.
You process is your qualifier for your quality of life.

Your promise for the future is to big not to involve God in your life

It all starts by asking Jesus into your lives.

Have a Blessed Friday,

Bradley Paul

Recommended Reading
Joshua 6:3-15 

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