Be Cheerful, Think Generous, Do Excellence is when we are most like God

Be Cheerful, Think Generous, Do Excellence is when we are most like God, is how we really should all strive to be. Have you ever tried to be generous? For me it felt so good I wanted to shout! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Be cheerful and happy these are the things God intended for our lives.Be Cheerful, Think Generous, Do Excellence is when we are most like God

Many times we can get discouraged in life by other people where they try and drag us down. Or negative thoughts that constantly bombard us from the enemy to try and turn us negative. Its important to not let this happen and ask God in these moments for assistance so we don’t get pulled and torn in the wrong direction. Its not easy because some times we feel like we are fighting the battle all alone. When we are weak is when God is strong.

I remember a few times lately that I forgot some of these important things that we need to remember more often Be Cheerful, Think Generous, Do Excellence these are the things of God and he loves it when we act this way and at the same time honor him. Honor God as God and when you trust in him and give him all of ourselves in the good times and bad, is when you will start to see your life change and get ready as God opens up the flood gates of goodness in your life.

Have a Blessed Mothers Day
Bradley Paul

Acknowledge God in all you do

Acknowledge God in all you do as you go throughout your day. When we remember God as we go through out our day he lifts us in all that we do. While writing this God spoke to me and said write to help those who may need to hear encouraging words to lift their day or life.

When we ask God to assist us in many ways it pleases God, it makes him feel more connected to us. When we are faithful to him he steps in our situation and changes things and helps us. Its important to remember to do this throughout your day. When this becomes a routine and we send up requests we start to see amazing things change.

Pastor Joel recently told a story about how he was going through the Airport and had a huge load of luggage and other things to carry and was asking God for assistance  Well it wasn’t much longer that a person showed up to assist and carried all of his luggage for him and insisted that he carried none.

When you learn to open the communication channels with God every morning and throughout the day you start to see areas of your life start to Elevate and lift to new levels. So ask God into your heart and life many times a day and see the change.

Bradley Paul

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