The Bible History Channel

The Bible on History Channel is a Miniseries that is the Best I have ever seen. It walks you through the whole Bible from beginning to end and makes you want to watch it again and again. One word for this show Amazing!

I especially Love the way the show portrays Jesus. How kind and caring he is. As he and his disciples travel the promise land. Followers can appreciate the level of detail that this mini series provides.

Can you imagine living in those times and becoming a follower of Jesus? How Awesome that would’ve been. You know when we open our hearts and minds to Gods teachings and allow him to work through us we start to change one day at a time for the better. We start to live at a higher level and as we begin to reach out and help others, our lives start to change in amazing ways.

If you missed the Mini Series you can check it out here. The Bible History Channel

This is the type of show I could watch over and over as its just makes you want to as in its own way draws you closer to God.

There is one scene I really like in which Jesus riding on the boat with Peter along with other disciples, some Children are running on the shore and he sees them and they are waving and yelling Jesus, Jesus and he smiles and waves back at them! That really warmed my heart and I thought to myself this is really a great show.

Check out this video of The Bible History Channel

You know sometimes it takes a movie or a book to lead someone to God. I believe this is one of those movies. It just makes you feel so much better and closer to God. You realize if God is for you that who can be against you?

Many times in life we get bogged down with the daily grind of it all. But when we realize that we can live at a higher level and ask ourselves if how we are living our life is in accordance with Gods vision for our life. Sometimes it may cost us something to walk in Gods will. See God loves us sooo much that he sent his only son to the cross for our sins! When we realize this and ask God into our hearts we see a change in ourselves and others around us as we effect them as well.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul


I Declare Joel Osteen

I Declare by Joel Osteen is absolutely fantastic. It will lift and inspire you to new levels as Joel Declares his Love for God by sharing amazing stories of inspiration. I have read Joels other books and with each one he gets better and better as he glorify God and opens his heart and mind for all to see.

Have you ever been lifted to new levels and wondered how you got there? Do you ever look back and realize that because of great teachers like Joel and others that shared their awesome relationship with God to others and how God can do the same for you in amazing and beautiful ways.

When we open our hearts and mind through reading such great works such as I Declare  we start to see a change as we draw closer to God and and live a higher level.

Joel tells a story how negativity was effecting a man he knew that use to come by the church and perform repairs and maintenance on the church grounds. He would always talk negative about his children and his health. Joel was a young man at the time but realized that man was casting a negative future for himself and knew that this was wrong. The man eventually did get sick as he had prophesied over himself and passed away at a fairly young age.

There is power of putting God first and not letting negative thoughts and guilt enter our lives. We are bombarded these days by constant stream of negativity and guilt messages by the media. If we are trying our best to avoid that, we will start to see a change in our life. When we start to speak positive and get a positive vision for our lives we begin to lift up to whole new levels.

We start to feel better about our selves. Joels book is a great place to start as seen here in this video  or come back here often for inspiration to Elevate your thinking and your life and live at a whole new level and maybe change your family’s life or a friend or coworkers life or who knows the possibilities, as you open your life up.

Its really not hard, in the morning start with God and start your day and either in prayer or simply say that you God for calling me precious and loving me I am putting my shoes of peace on, my belt of happiness Love you Lord!

Have a Blessed Day!
Bradley Paul

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