Dont choose to be Angry Its Not what God wants

Don’t choose to be Angry Its Not what God wants. You get Blessed when you do the right thing. Choose for your enemy to be Blessed. Most anger is hurt and pain. God will reward you for not getting Angry. When you show anger and are angry, this is when especially we should not sin as at that moment you are open and vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks. When you go to bed angry we need to be careful for as it open us up to sin and the enemy to control us. God directs your storm

When we pray pray Father I am not mad at anyone and I don’t have any unforgiveness in my heart. This lets God know that you are good to go with the world and his people. It starts your prayer of the correct way and gets you on the path to better lives and not carrying around hate and other bad things that drag your spirit down.

If you stay on course and learn to control your anger you will start to see a change. It may take many years to accomplish but it will happen. Don’t gripe and hold grudges, flush it out and Pray, as those that are attacking you may be an agent of the enemy, that the devil is using to slow your progress. Don’t fall into the trap stay on course remove the hate don’t drink the hateraide.

Have a Blessed Day
Bradley Paul

Gods amazing grace reveals itself

Gods amazing grace reveals itself at different times and is not always fast and sometimes can be not at the speed we want.We have to learn to accept Gods timing and realize that he is working and is in control and will make things happen if its in his plan for your life.

Sometimes when we pray for something and step out in faith, God won’t always revel his plan immediately for our lives. Sometimes we can pray and ask for a specific thing and God may not reveal any additional signs to help you with your request.┬áSometimes it could mean two things. What you asking for is not in his plan or it may not be time for you to act on that a particular thing.

Main thing is get a vision for your life and God will help you with it. Stay on course don’t give up and pray about your decisions. I find that sometimes God will reveal certain things if it is from God to assist you and or show you are doing the correct things and first and foremost honoring him.

Its not easy or should it be when we serve the King of Kings but he expects your to act like royalty as we serve the almighty, you are Blessed you are Anointed and you do have Gods Favor to go forward with your mission to serve him.

When we stay at one with the Lord and don’t give up our lives start to change in amazing wonderful ways and we start to see whole new worlds open up in front us as we see lives start to change as God works his awesome Power and Grace.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul.


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