Have you ever asked God to remove hatred from your heart?

Have you ever asked God to remove hatred from your heart? Have you ever had this happen to your where hatred filled your heart and you were so mad at someone or a situation that you could just boil? I think we all have.

I think many times in these situations its best to ask God for peace and understanding & calmness in our hearts. Its not easy going through life, sometimes people just have a real tendency to make us angry and or upset. Many times its better to forgive and forget rather then to become confrontational.

God wants us all to get along and not to become confrontational. He wants us to love one another as brothers and help each other, not harm each other. As it states in Galatians 5 14 Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

We all have had those situations where people really test our nerves and we ask God how to get through it. I remember one time we a neighbor who had a Dog that kept barking especially in the middle of the night. We went over and talked to them several times and finally had to report them to the Animal control. That helped and they eventually moved and all turned out fine.

We asked ourselves and God what the best way to handle and even though there were times where were angry especially after losing sleep. But God got us through and made it better. We just had to have the faith and belief to know that he was working to resolve it. Stay strong don’t give up and you will get through.

When we ask God to remove the hatred from our hearts we almost immediately feel the flood of Love an peace flow in. As we let God take on the big challenges and make things better. We let him carry us through and not get caught up in the things of the flesh such as hatred and sin.

It takes time and it may not happen overnight but eventually you will start to to get through your days feeling better and better. You will look at your friends and coworkers differently. More from of a stand point of how can I help you? Can I pray for you?

Have you ever tried that? Ask someone maybe at your office or possibly a neighbor. Ask them how they are doing and if they tell you about a difficult situation they maybe going through, shock them and say I will pray for you. You know many people have never been told this. And this important step slowly starts to remove the hatred from your heart.

God Bless and have a great day.

God wants you to Enlarge your measure of rule

God wants you to Enlarge your measure of rule. What does this mean? God wants to increase your rule so he can get more people into the Kingdom through you. The more you have Dominion over and the more faithful you are, your measure will increase. How you ask?

Well God ultimately gets the Glory and that’s why he works in our lives for your good and benefit. If you are the hope the single shining light that says hey here I am, I am not negative you begin to lift others. Others begin to see how awesome your attitude and Love of Jesus and they start to say I want that too.

If more people would get this, the word would definitely be a better place. Live for the Kingdom make it about the Kingdom and you will see amazing things start to happen in your life. When you are able to be the one who can bring hope into peoples lives and lift them. You will see amazing things start to happen in their lives as well.

Its really awesome to see lives change and lifted just through the fact of bringing hope.

You know when the worlds heart was broken and so full of sin and misery Jesus came for us. He came and brought hope to a broken world. He brought peace and gave people to live better more hopeful lives.

Live your life that way. Be that one person who can walk in a room and they say hey my mood has lifted, I feel better, this person is so full of hope and makes me feel so much better just from the energy they bring into a room. Soon as long as your faithful you will start to see the change.

Its amazing and awesome to see the hope start to transform lives and families. Elevate your hope and watch it rub of as your measure of rule increases. Reach out and pray for others as maybe they have never had this done for them and will be blown away by it.

You know God looks at our hearts first and if we fix that our lives will soar.

Have a Blessed and wonderful week and spread the hope and good news of Jesus!

Please check back often and let us know your story of hope and how its effected your lives and those around you. We can all encourage each other and gain additional hope.

God Bless.

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