God Gives You Inner Peace

How does God Gives You Inner Peace you ask? Well God allows us to have inner peace in many ways, one of the most apparent is through a notable calmness you can see on a believers face. When we lay our problems and guilt and sin at the feet of Jesus a new found peace rushes into our soul. After all that’s why God sent his only son Jesus down to give us a new start.

When we go through life many times we are confronted by angry people who just love to be upset and want to drag others into their world of constant strife and turmoil. My best advice is to stay clear of this type of person at all costs. Have ever heard the saying misery loves company? Be slow to anger, be quick to apologize or say, I can see the other persons point of view and concede that their idea maybe better then yours. As this is how God wants us to be.

Now does this mean that we become a push over? No. It simply means that we don’t have to walk around with a hard heart. It means that we can have peace by giving peace, and being a person who is kind and forgiving and helps others and puts them first instead of ourselves.

I know in my own life these lessons have been sometimes slow to learn. But in time they sunk in especially when I saw what a difference in the lives of those around me and especially with my inner peace.God Gives You Inner Peace My own family has noticed a difference saying Dad seems calmer now and happier. Wow what amazing words to hear as the Love was poured back upstream to the Father.

So lets be those type of people where we reach out and create a peaceful positive environment. Lets share Gods word and be faithful to him and watch him shift things in your life and cause peace and joy and favor start to pour down on you and your life.

Sometimes we start to think how can this possibly apply to me? How can I spread peace in a situation I am in? Maybe you have boss or coworker who is unruly, or just is negative at all times. Well start off by praying for that person and maybe even offer to pray with them. Maybe no one has ever cared enough to offer to do that for them. Watch and see what happens as God starts to shift things in your favor to bring you and the world around you inner peace and happiness.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul

Nobody can steal from you that has his trust in God | How Gods Favor Gives You Victory No Matter What

Nobody can steal from you that has his trust in God! What does this mean? Have ever been wronged where you just know deep down in your heart your being ripped off? I know I have, but there is a way to get a advantage with God on your side.

I know there have been times when we all have felt like someone who is providing a service or when we were buying something we felt like we were being treated unfairly. When we put our whole trust in him and start to understand how God always fights our battles Nobody can steal from you that has his trust in Godfor us we emerge victorious.

I remember one time we had taken our car in for a transmission problem we were having. Well the estimate to get it fixed was well over 3 thousand dollars. Needles to say we were shocked and there was no way we could of afford it. Well I ended up talking to a another mechanic who said nothing was really wrong and it just needed more cooling, and only charged me little over $100 to get it fixed. What a Blessing! I heard years later that the first place I took it went out of business. God worked his ways one way or another.

Now don’t get me wrong. God wants us to try our very best to rectify all situations on your own and that’s how we are. We try our level best to get things fixed or if someone tries to be unfair, we push back as much as humanly possible. Thats when God kicks in and carry’s us through.

It may not always be apparent but rest assured he is working in the background to make a change. He knows who is faithful to him and will provide in amazing Glorious ways.

If your new to Christ or just not sure about him, take a look at this recent post that shows you how you can start your walk with God and start living an Elevated more faith filled life.

God watches out for his own and is there for you when times are tough or when you are lonely and need a solid piece of your life that never waives, is always there for you and accepts you for who you are, not caring about what you have done.

Reach out and start your walk today!

Have you ever seen God work in your life?

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul


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