Don’t get down at the little things

As we go through life and the little things start to snowball and build up is the part we have to be strong and praise God. God is bigger then all and you will survive, with him on your side. I recently heard of a family that was discouraged and couldn’t make the mortgage payment and thought maybe they were going to lose their home. Well God really came through as their was a family down the street who was looking to up-size their home and they ended swapping homes. God Provides!

So don’t let the little things and big things get you down stay in faith and God will carry you through. To me it seems like he is making sure we can get through the little things so we can get through the big things too. Everything from fasting, to the words we use, setup patterns in our lives to bring us to faith. If we are able to stay strong to him and not give in to our flesh. It makes all things big and little easier. Stay faithful and put him first and he will carry you and get you through.

Have a Blessed Day!

Have you ever wanted to go to church but realized it was not Sunday?

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