Loneliness and Faith

Have you ever been so lonely that you turned to God just to help you out of your loneliness? Its not always easy to go on day after day even if your in a large family or live alone to be lonely. Did you know that more married people these days admit to being lonely then ever thought? We all have a tendency to do our own thing which starts the separation of loneliness. Thats where God can help. With him you will never feel alone again. He will comfort your mind and soul as you reach out to him for strength and encouragement to get through the lonely times.

Once before I met my wife while still in the military, I was very alone, while sitting in the middle of a desert on an operation, I spoke to God to take away my loneliness. One week later I met the Love of my life. This is how God works. When we ask, we shall receive. Sometimes it may take a bit longer then we want but rest assured God is working. He is lining things up in your favor. Stay faithful and ask God and you will be amazed.

Have you ever asked God to help with a friend?

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