Think about it to truly walk in his word and lean not on your own understanding, you must forgive. In this broken world others see it as a weakness. Maybe that’s why Jesus was attacked. He forgave us for our sins and cleansed mankind. He totally went against the grain of what was and becoming more and more the norm.

Think about it that’s why its hard to be a Christian. If we truly walk in his word and forgive and love and care unlike many non believers this day and age most don’t. Many are out just for themselves.

But when we are faithful and obey his word and stand up for what is correct and true and pray about decisions and yes forgive others, we are truly blessed in the eyes of the Lord.

Have a Blessed Day in Christ

Why is it so hard to forgive when we are attacked?

We Serve an Awesome Powerful God

When lightning strikes it reminds us of how powerful our God is! He is the all knowing and in control of all situations. The good news he is on our side. If he is for you who can be against you?

One of my favorite songs by Jeremy Camp has thunder type sounds to it, reminds me of how Awesome and Powerful God is. While driving down the road listening to the song, too me its like saying here is God We Love him and this is how he rolls.

Last night here in Dallas we had a display of Lightning, Thunder and Rain which lasted for several hours. Its like God was saying here ya go Texas here is the rain everyone has been praying for and oh by the way, I am announcing it with Thunder and Lightning.

Stay strong in the Lord! Have a Blessed Day everyone!

How do you serve God?

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