Elevate Your Faith through your story

Have you ever felt low and wondered what happened to that feeling of elation and faith you feel either at church or after a good nights rest? Do you wish you could hold on to that feeling all day? Or pour that into others? And lift them too. Have you ever thought about telling your story of becoming a Christ follower and sharing it with others? See My Story here and I encourage you to post yours.

I know its not easy telling your story but it is for your good and others that you do. They might have gone through similar circumstances and need to hear how you made it through. You are hear to say if you or I can do it, you can too! You are then lifted as well as the person your telling your story to. I think this is Gods intent, to lift us to a new level through testimony and pouring into others. Have a Blessed Day!

Whats your story?

Why God matters

When growing up we all question why God matters. As you grow older and hopefully ask Jesus into heart to be saved from your sins you start to see why God matters. He will carry you when you are weak. Make what matters most to God most what matters to you.

If you truly are faithful and put God first he will open all kinds of doors for you. Keeping knocking on those doors and God will open the ones he wants too open for you. God has an amazing plan for your life as soon as you find it out the happier and more productive you will be.


Have you ever asked yourself why God Matters?

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